Age 20
Gender Female
Sexual Preference Bisexual
Country Russian Federation
Marital Status Single
Smokes ---
Drinks ---
Languages Spoken Russian


Height 0,0
Hair Color Red
Hair Length Medium
Eye Color Green
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Type ---
Breast Size Medium
Female Type Teen
Body Hair Shaved
Tattoos No
Piercings No


My name is Katya. I am 20 years old. I love many things in my life and I try to value every day and love everything that comes into my field of vision. I love watching movies (very much), listening to music while sitting in a room without light, I love running down the street without an umbrella in a big thunderstorm, I love the fresh air in the village at 5 am, I love to do bright makeup and everything bright and shiny. I love absurd and dark humor. I love kittens, but I have a rabbit. I like to laugh loudly and so much that my stomach hurts afterwards. I love smoking and coffee with milk. I love gin, but I rarely drink alcohol (because it is fraught with consequences). I love my big family. There are many things I can tell, just ask ❌I have a few Rules when you join my room❌   if you do not follow  - ban button working  This room is for gentlemen only. Top manners and respect are highly required. ⛔ If you entered the room to the girl - say hello, because you go into a real girl's room ⛔ Please know my name and to use it, my name is Kate ⛔ not  free show and that's normally. Each show requires resource-intensive, and no one will just try so hard ⛔ Respect me, my knights and all the other guests in my room. I do not let unkind, vulgar vocabulary, for dirty talk - a private line is open lol ⛔ Please do not insult me, it hurts me and sends you to the ban ⛔ This is the real girl from a real city, in her real bedroom, so respectful, you are not at home ⛔PVT 6 Tok per minute - a conversation or warm me with tips ✨✨✨ We will be good cats who respect each other ✨✨✨ 🍑To make  Hot Time 🍑 🍑 Stand up and spin - 5 toks 🍑 Fly Kiss - 7 toks 🍑 Doggy not naked - 10 toks 🍑 Tie hair - 11 toks 🍑 You FAV Pose -12 toks 🍑 Funny Face - 13 TOKS 🍑 Show Ass (not naked) - 15 toks 🍑 Weave face the camera - 16 toks 🍑 Top Off - 22 toks 🍑 See you cam - 27 toks 🍑 Boobs (naked) - 50 toks 🍑 Make me happy - 77 toks 🍑 Sna***** - 199 toks 🍑 Your name on my body throughout the day - 123 toks 🍑 I miss you, Kate - 444 toks 🍑 I fall in love with Kate - 999 toks 🍑 Dreaming - 1111 toks 🍑 Skype - 20 toks per minute 🍑 Spanks  x3 - 33 toks 🍑 For Nothing - 111 toks 🍑 For beautiful eyes - 222 toks 🍑 Stay topless 10 min - 299 toks Well, if you want to make me happy too you can : A wish list ️🍀 Give me a bouquet of flowers - 177 Tok 🍀️ provide me toy- 399 Tok 🍀️ buy me a new dress - 789 Tok 🍀️ Gift me a new phone - 11111 Tok (to shoot photos for you with a much higher quality) 🍀️ present me Teddy Bear - 2987 Tok 🍀️ buy me Domi/ Lush (for our naughty games, I know you love it) - Tok 2222 🍀️ present my new underwear (for our PVT, c2c and hot photos for you) - 722 Tok 🍀️ and if you fall in love with me and want to make me your girlfriend, you can provide me with a ring - 5555 Tok, and I will follow you, everything about me is in your hands

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